As a landowner, for years I struggled with clearing overgrowth from otherwise usable areas of land.  Toiling by hand, with weedeaters, chainsaws, brushhogs, chains, tractors, etc, I was unable to make significant progress and often times would end up giving up.  I tried bulldozers and excavators, but the toll they took on the land was just too great.  They often couldn’t get into the areas I wanted cleared, and even more often inadvertently destroyed the habitat I wanted to keep.  My search led me to forestry mulching, and I just couldn’t believe how quickly, efficiently, and accurately the process could clear what I wanted cleared, and leave what I wanted left behind.  I was hooked!

Today I own and operate a high powered, state of the art forestry mulching combination.  Consisting of a Kubota SVL95-2 Compact Track Loader, and a Bradco MM72 Mulching head, I can clear effectively and efficiently.  The CTL combo can clear several acres in a day of low density small material, and up to 8” trees easily.  Beyond that, I have the capability to cut, de-limb, and haul out the trunks, and mulch the limbs and stumps of much larger material. 

I’m still a landowner who understands the needs of fellow property owners and developers.  Whether it’s reclaiming pastures, beautifying your retreat, creating ideal hunting spaces, prepping for fences, clearing for development, or just protecting your investment, I will work diligently to provide you with the highest quality and efficiency you can invest in.

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