Advantages to Forestry Mulching Over Clearing by Hand:

If you’ve ever cleared sites manually, you know the labor involved is extreme.  It usually requires multiple people to rip, drag, and cut, and burn.  It’s dangerous work involving chain saws, tractors, chains, etc

If you’ve ever had a bulldozer do your clearing, you know how the land is left ravaged, stump holes sink over time, roots and small trees are left behind, burn piles and stumps remain for many years, and the property requires further work after the bulldozer has moved the large material.   A huge amount of equipment is required including semi-trucks to haul in, dump trucks to haul out, roads built to haul on, and fuel trucks on site.  And, it’s highly likely that trees you want to keep will be damaged beyond salvation after heavy equipment compacts and tears the surrounding soil.

However there are a huge number of other advantages to forestry mulching you may not have considered:

  • Rubber tracks and low ground pressure won’t destroy the ground being operated on

  • Exceptional speed of up to ¼ mi an hour at 6’ wide

  • Ability to leave specific species or desired trees unharmed

  • Wide tracks won’t affect the roots of trees being preserved

  • Remaining product will mulch the soil and help prevent erosion

  • Nutrients are returned directly to the soil

  • No piles or stumps to burn or have hauled off

  • No requirement for site access/haul roads

  • Immediate ability to mow over the remnant mulch

  • Extreme maneuverability is perfect for tight woods

  • Can mulch in 8” tree in under 1 minute

  • Grasses can be seeded directly into mulch and quickly envelope the landscape

Forestry Mulching is a great alternative for land clearing. It takes a complete different approach to how it should be done. With the typical land clearing of the past, everything was either cut by hand and hauled off to rot or be burned. Or they may have also used bulldozers to plow everything over ripping up the soil causing damage to the vegetation Call and schedule today!

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